November DietBet Progress: 4-Hour Body Challenge

I participated in Tim Ferriss’ “4-Hour Body Challenge” on DietBet.  From 10/25 to 11/21 I lost 10.2 lbs from 228.4 lbs to 218.2 lbs.  I also lost 2″ off waist, 1″ chest, and .5″ hips. I lost an estimated 3% BF, 4.5% of total weight.

My progress is below on the blue line. My goal of 2 lbs of fat per week is reflected in the red line.


My strategy for this month was to stay in ketosis without refeeds and also attempt to heal my digestive system.  My primary sources of carbohydrate were from peanut butter (~10 servings), red tomatillo salsa from Chipotle (big surprise to me there), and freshly made carrot juice (for digestion).

I exercised about 3 times a week – twice martial arts and once weightlifting.

Overall I really enjoyed my experience with the DietBet community and App.  I found adhering to a diet easier this month than ever and have gotten re-inspired to quantify and experiment on myself.

Some things I learned this month:

  • Calories still matter, perhaps my experiments with bulletproof coffee kept my calorie count too high
  • Food quality matters and always needs to improve – specifically I quit diet soda and Chipotle this month and focused on eating more grass-fed meat and seafood
  • I can handle holiday travel and social events without extreme weight gain
  • I need a more accurate measure of body fat
  • I need to track some adrenal health markers like sleep, waking temp, and possibly an adrenal test
  • I have to get 2 weightlifting sessions in per week and do light cardio when martial arts does not suffice
  • MyPlate, DietBet, and Fitocracy are all nice tracking apps but none really stores the data long term in the way I’d like it

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3 responses to “November DietBet Progress: 4-Hour Body Challenge”

  1. bjjcaveman says :

    I started with 4HB too and noticed a lot of changes with that but have since plateaued.. Now I’m trying for nutritional ketosis to get me past the wall!

    Why did you quit Chipotle?

    Also where did you learn about the adrenal health markers… seems like something that can help my experiment too.

    • RecompHacks says :

      Adrenal fatigue info is here: . The test I took was a 4-point cortisol test from ZRT Labs through Accessa labs. I’ll have another post coming up on adrenal fatigue (or perhaps Adrenal Fatigue isn’t real and we could just call it “stress”) and what I’m doing to fix it.

      I stopped Chipotle after hearing they use soybean oil to marinate their steak. I have tried to eliminate all fast food from my diet and Chipotle was one of the last two restaurants I was eating. I was using it as a time saving crutch – there’s one right next to where I practice MMA.

  2. bjjcaveman says :

    Crap… I guess that is a good reason to give up Chipotle. I first got turned on to Chipotle because of Tim Ferriss and 4hb.. and it’s one of those convenient things I can just pick up on the way home with almost zero effort.

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