Quantified Self Show and Tell 28 Meetup Recap

I had a great time at my first Quantified Self meetup in San Francisco hosted by Microsoft. I met a few people presenting their technologies and watched 3 presentations.

The presentations:

  • Heather from talking20, a company that does blood spot testing spoke about her start up and described her experience with high cholesterol. I love what they want to do by bringing the costs of testing down to $2/marker with a 2 day turnaround.  Their indiegogo campaign is here.  Also, statins are terrifying.
  • A gentleman described his experience with restless leg syndrome since an injury in his youth. He talked about taking specific vitamins and drugs to cure it and tracking their effectiveness day by day.
  • Another fellow talked about quantifying his emotional state twice daily while launching a start up. The most interesting part was that he had an easier time communicating his feelings to his wife and mother by sharing them 1-10 scale.
  • Another young man talked about some of the self tracking, programming, and data visualizations he has done in his life as gymnast, rock climber, marathon runner, and dieter. Obviously a real smart guy, he added data collection to an Ikea scale and converted MRI images into 3D. I wonder if he’s following prescriptions from the MobilityWOD.  Write-ups to appear here: Better Living Through Data

From the poster sessions:

  • An app called WizardPro for statistics and data analysis
  • The uBiome project to map the human microbiome
  • A new cheaper HEG biofeedback unit, the nirHEG peanut
  • A wireless electrode that tracks muscle contractions (could also be used for heart/brain)

Some highlights from what I learned:

  • Baseline self-experiments
  • The journey of data collection alone may be beneficial
  • There are more easily accessible ways to visualize and analyze data than I thought


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