Results of Wellness FX Blood Test

Last month I had my blood tested by a new company WellnessFX.  The process was very simple, I just had to fast overnight and then drop by a local lab. WelnessFX also set me up with a practitioner to discuss the results.

The lab results showed that my total cholesterol was lower than I think it should be.  My Vitamin D levels are also low.  One of the Liver scores (ALT) is also a little high and I noticed that the ALP score has almost doubled since it was last it tested.  The practitioner recommended a few supplements as well as dialing in my sleep and digestion, which allo sounded like great ideas to me.

My action plan:

Here are the results of the test.  The WellnessFX delivered them in a really visually appealing way, but I put them into a spreadsheet so I could compare them to some numbers from last year.  I lost about 30 lbs of fat in the time between these two tests and gained 5 lbs of muscle. I probably ate about 50% low carb paleo and 50% terrible Standard American Diet.




5 responses to “Results of Wellness FX Blood Test”

  1. bjjcaveman says :

    I just did wellnessfx too… 2 weeks before you did!

  2. cogrick2 says :

    Why did it not flag your chloride level, which was just over the limit for high-risk? Also, are you a quite calm person? You have a nice low-normal CO2. I think calming down since college a few years ago as well as doing more deep breathing exercises with the EmWave2 has helped bring my level down to a middling point.

    • RecompHacks says :

      Hey thanks for posting. Do you have any theories on what high Chloride might mean? Quick google search shows it could be dehydration, kidney function, or high bromide.

      I am pretty calm but have also been doing breathing exercises since this test.

      Will be interesting to see what it is different at my next test in a few weeks.

      • cogrick2 says :

        I unfortunately do not know. I suppose most of us get chloride from NaCl (table salt). Do you avoid table salt? I hope you get good results in a few weeks.

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