Results of ZRT Labs Tests

A few weeks ago I took the ZRT Labs Comprehensive Male Profile II test offered through Accesa Labs.  My goal was to check my adrenal health plus a baseline hormones so that I can see how changes in my lifestyle affects each.

The results were a little surprising.  My cortisol scores were better than I thought they would be while my hormones came back pretty out of whack with a very low testosterone score of 215ng/dL which is below the healthy range of 400-1200. 

I’m still working out what to do about this but for now my plan is (in addition to what was described in my earlier post):

  • Stop any kind of fasting
  • Consider adding more carbs into diet
  • Consider supplementing Zinc/ZMA, Selenium, Iodine and a whole host of other natural adrenal/testosterone supports

Cortisol Chart:


Blood Spot / Saliva test results:



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