Week in review 12/17 – 12/24

Weight change: 214.4 – 214.8 (+0.4 lbs)
Average Calories/day: 1928
Average ZEO sleep score: 88

Squat 225x6x3
Power Clean 95x2x5
OHP 95x5x3
Chin Up (descent only) 6×3

20 mins cardio/bodyweight work

Another tough week this week with a diagnosed dental abscess and going on antibiotics.  The tooth issues prevented much exercise but I did feel better enough by the weekend to at least get in one strength session.   I decided to add carbs back into my diet to allow my body to recover.   I think this is also probably going to be a necessary step to resolve my cortisol/hormone issues although losing weight is also important.

I really cleaned up my sleep  which is evident in a 8-9 point rise in my Zeo sleep score.  This was accomplished by setting a 10PM cutoff on TV watching with a 10:30 bedtime goal.  I realized that two shows we watch are in the 10-11 slot and can easily be DVRed and postponed to the next day.’

I will take a few weeks off of attempting 100% ketosis as I try and find the right health care practitioner to help me interpret the results posted earlier.


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