Week in review 12/24 – 12/30: Adrenal Fatigue and Increased Waking Temps

Weight change: 214.8 – 217.0 (+2.2 lbs)
Average Calories/day: 2375.96
Average ZEO sleep score: NA
Average waking temperature: 96.08 (+0.13)

Squat: 265×3, 315×1, 285×3, 235x6x3
Deadlift: 305×3
OHP: 95×4, 95×3, 95×4
Chin-up (assisted, -150) 6×3

Cardio #1: 10 minutes jog, 10 minutes body weight exercises
Cardio #2: 20 minutes body weight exercise

Lift/Habit Progress
Lift checkins were somewhat impaired due to travel

First, I unfortunately had to withdraw from the DietBet challenge.  Between the antibiotics and the stress of the test scores, I just couldn’t ask any more of my body.  I did manage get to 214lbs, a loss of 8.8 lbs from my initial weigh-in at 222.8 (and I had seen 225 on 11/24).  I am fully carbed up writing this post today at 220 lbs.  Waist measurement unchanged.  It’s very hard to tell actual body composition changes over the course of a month.  It was certainly not a month where I saw significant strength or performance gains.  With the amount of stress that the dental abscess and test scores caused though, I am quite happy to weigh less after the worst of Christmas/New Years Eve than I did after Thanksgiving.

I read Adrenal Fatigue by Dr. James Wilson last week.  I think it’s safe to say there is something amiss with my adrenals based on the cortisol saliva test, my out-of-range testosterone/estrogen test scores, and the survey in the book.  I will certainly elaborate on this in another post, hopefully after I get some advice from a practitioner.

This was my first week trying out some herbal supplements based on Dr. Wilson’s recommendations: Maca, Chinese Ginger, Dandelion, and Ashwagandha.  I also used Power Adapt and Vital Adapt products from Natura Health.  This was my second week taking Iodine supplements.  I ate more calories per day this week, especially after the DietBet had ended.  I did not have access to all the nourishing food I’ve been eating recently, but I did manage to keep up a mostly Primal/Paleo diet.

After my sleep was so great last week, it was terrible this week on the road.  For 3 nights I slept on an inflatable air mattress that had to be re-inflated at 4am each night.  Rooms were not dark so I slept with a sleep mask causing the ZEO to frequently fall off.

With all these changes, it’s hard to say what’s causing it but I do feel great.  My waking temperature has been steadily improving as well.  I threw a linear trend-line on my temps from November/December.  When you look at just the two weeks that I’ve been taking Iodine and focusing on sleep, the line is even more drastic.


I’m going to continue to aim for 2000-2500 calories a day.  I want to see what number and macronutrient ratio will put me at a weight that I can maintain through figuring out what is wrong with my testosterone numbers.


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2 responses to “Week in review 12/24 – 12/30: Adrenal Fatigue and Increased Waking Temps”

  1. bjjcaveman says :

    You have a very interesting blog.. I like the self experimentation.

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