Week in review 12/31 – 1/6: Recovery

Weight change: 214.8 – 220.0 (+5.2 lbs)
Average Calories/day: 2512
Average ZEO sleep score: 87.75 (only 4 days counted, total average is 83)
Average waking temperature: 96.8 (+0.72)

MMA #1: mix of boxing and jiu jitsu drills

A week spent recovering with better sleep and more calories per day.  Shoulder was too sore to lift but I got in an MMA practice anyways.  Waist is constant at 38″ even with the weight gain: it’s water weight.  I read the Perfect Health Diet this week, it very closely describes my maintenance diet.

Here’s a random food log from Thursday:
Breakfast: salami, cheddar cheese, potato, butter, oil, chicken broth, saurkraut
Lunch: tuna, salmon, rice, banana
Dinner: chicken curry, cheddar cheese, rice, egg yolks, raw milk, green bean soup, saurkraut, mandarins, dark chocolate, butter
2660 calories; 50% fat, 26% carbs, 24% protein; 177g carbs


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One response to “Week in review 12/31 – 1/6: Recovery”

  1. bjjcaveman says :

    It’s kind of amazing.. AND scary how fast that weight comes back.. water weight or not. At least your circumference measurements haven’t changed.

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