The Importance of Tracking: Is Adrenal Fatigue really Starvation?

There is a great post up at Go Kaleo about Adrenal Fatigue: “Adrenal Fatigue as a Cover for Starvation.”

“Adrenal Fatigue is a very trendy diagnosis in the alternative health industry right now…”

Have to agree here, but disagree that this makes the diagnosis less valuable.  For whatever reason a person has gotten into a state adrenal fatigue, treatment requires diagnosis.  When I read James Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue, the first consistent thought I had is “Is Adrenal Fatigue really stress?”.  The roots of my problems are probably a combination of stress, poor sleep, and starvation.  The starvation component may come not just from dieting but also from malabsorption though.  Stress, sleep, starvation, food absorption:  are these all things are easily trackable.

“[people] fill their plates up with protein and vegetables (ie, low calorie, highly thermogenic foods) and believe they are eating ‘a lot’, but they are, in reality, shorting themselves of the calories their bodies need in the order of hundreds or even thousands of calories a day”

I tremendously agree!  I cannot understand any nutrition guru who prescribes a very precise diet that requires a total overhaul of the way a person eats and probably hours of additional food preparation a day without adding in the 5 minutes a day it takes to actually track food intake.  Or an exercise guru with a VERY precise workout plan that plans your workouts months in advance with adjustments of 0.5 lbs of weight a week.  Anyone this attentive to fitness should also be willing to impose the discipline to track food intake.  This is so easy especially with the advancement of free, easy to use food trackers like MyPlate or MyFitnessPal that synch data between phone and website.

“…people literally starving themselves in the pursuit of optimal health, and receiving reinforcement for it from their gurus and friends because they’re eating the ‘right’ foods and not counting calories.”

Agreed again.  My conclusion: Self-tracking is the first and most important step to making any kind of nutritional change.  If you’re tracking, then at least you’ll KNOW you’re starving yourself. 




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