Week in review 1/21 – 1/27

Weight: 217.6 lbs (down 1.0 from 218.6)
Average Calories/day: 2057 cal (139g carbs /day)
Average ZEO sleep score: 97.25 (Average for 2013 is 90)
Average waking temperature: NA

Lift #1: Squat 285x5x3, Deadlift 315×3, Overhead Press 105x4x3
Cardio #1: 5 mile walk


I’m still working on dialing in carbs.  The daily average is much better but the quality is still not great in terms of starch:sugar ratio.  This week I’ll have more precooked starches available from the fridge.  I also bought some rice chex which are definitely not ideal but would like to see, experimentally, if eating them instead of fruit improves weight loss.

Exercise was lousy this week.  I was sore early in the week from last week’s lifting.   Afternoon energy crashes in the afternoon also prevent me from getting to the gym.  This week I’ll have a snack around 3PM.

My recorded ZQ sleep scores for January are good but have not been stellar.    The real life actual scores are even worse, since I had 3 nights away from home where I either didn’t bring the ZEO or failed to record a full night of sleep.   This week I’m going to shut down all electronics by 10PM.



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5 responses to “Week in review 1/21 – 1/27”

  1. danabolic says :

    Carbs are not the devil they’re sometimes made out to be and are essential for energy. If you’re working out early morning I would advise a piece for fruit 30 mins prior to working out and then a post workout meal of protein and carbs (no fat) (1 cup serving of cooked brown rice is 200 calories and 45g carbs).

    If your only work out is in the evening then have a serving of carbs (again cup of brown rice would do) with the last meal you have before your workout and again after (no fats in post workout meals as a rule). This should keep your energy up for general life and your workouts.

    Keep up the good work!

    • RecompHacks says :

      Pretty reasonable advice.

      Personally I’m eating more white rice than brown for reasons outlined in the Perfect Health Diet – briefly the phytates in brown rice that come with the extra nutrition do more harm than they’re worth. White rice is also easier for me to digest and may have lower levels of arsenic.

      I’m also aiming for a smaller serving of carbs (30g-45g) with every meal right now because of my off cortisol test results. Once I get that under control I’ll get back to timing carbs just around exercise.

      Fats around workouts is something I definitely have trouble with, especially during my leangains attempt. I don’t generally eat any lean protein except for protein powder. May need to think about prepping some chicken or something for PWO meals.

      • danabolic says :

        Agreed, white rice does contain slightly less phytic acid than brown but as long as you’re getting other good sources of nutrients (veg, meat) with each meal (I think the term is balanced diet) then it shouldn’t have a massive effect.

        Fats, Carbs and Protein 90mins pre workout is fine (again assuming it’s healthy fats like coconut oil, fish oil, peanut butter, fish oil etc.) just not post workout.

        I would definitely advise getting some meat in your diet. Shakes are meant as a “supplement”, meaning an addition to an already good diet!

        Good luck!

  2. bjjcaveman says :

    Any plans for a followup DEXA or adrenal/stress testing to track any changes?

    Any plans for testosterone testing in the future too? This is something I’m consideirng.

    • RecompHacks says :

      If you scroll back there’s a ZRT labs post w/some testosterone scores. I retested T and it’s gotten slightly better but still low. No point in DEXA until there’s some more significant changes. Will do another adrenal test in about a month.

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