Hacking the Cost of a Ketogenic Diet

Today I analyzed my grocery spending in 2012 and found that I saved about $90 a month on groceries during my 2 month Ketosis experiment.    Not bad considering I also lost 12 lbs!


I use Mint.com to track all my expenses – it aggregates every charge on my credit cards into one place.  Since I almost only every buy food with credit cards, it’s pretty easy to track my food expenditure over time.  I made this chart using an export from Mint.

These numbers certainly aren’t perfect.  I ate low-carb or very moderate carb for other periods in 2012.  I’ll try and update this post with a total food expenditure cost analysis next.

I was inspired to write this post by this post on the Bulletproof Executive Blog: Hacking the Cost of the Bulletproof Diet.

Also, thanks to Jimmy Moore for linking my blog this week!


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2 responses to “Hacking the Cost of a Ketogenic Diet”

  1. bjjcaveman says :

    I’ve found that I’ve saved money just because I’m forced to cook more! Eating out always screws up my hard won ketones and I hate starting back at square one!

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