Week in review 2/18 – 2/24

Weight: 214.6 lbs (down from 216)
Average Calories/day: 1978 (down from 2291)
Average Carbs/day: 165  (down from 187)
Average ZEO sleep score: 92.5 (average for 2013: 90)
Average waking temperature: 96.5F
Average steps per day: 7,416

Squat 225×3, 225×5, 265×5
Power Clean 135x3x5
Dips, Assisted -60: 5,5,5
Chin-up 2 2 2 2

Squat 275x5x3, DL 275x5x2, OHP 100x5x3, Chin-Up 3 2

I saw my weight drop as low as 212.6 this week, over a lbs down from last week’s lowest point and lower than during my ketosis experiment.  I’m still kind of amazed that I can lose weight and eat carbs at the same time.

Here’s a reverse-engineered meal plan of what I ate this week:



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3 responses to “Week in review 2/18 – 2/24”

  1. bjjcaveman says :

    always good to see new lows in weight!

  2. bjjcaveman says :

    Also just wanted to see what you thought of the fitbit so far!

  3. RecompHacks says :

    The fitbit is awesome, it will get its own post. Has motivated me to be less sedentary. For your BJJ concern though, the online tracker lets you manually enter exercise periods and calculates that into your daily caloric burn. A pedometer can’t really accurately capture that kind of exertion whether you’re wearing it or not anyways.

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