Week in Review 2/25 – 3/03

Weight: 213.2 lbs (down from 214.6)
Average Calories/day: 2294 (up from 2291)
Average Carbs/day: 187 (up from 165)
Average ZEO sleep score: 85.3 (average for 2013: 89.7)
Average waking temperature: 96.26F
Average steps per day: 7,382 (down from 7,416)

2 MMA grappling practices

Once again, I lost lost weight this week eating based on the Perfect Health Diet guidelines despite eating 150g+ carbs per day.   I ate gluten free chocolate cake, whipped cream frosting, and ice cream over the weekend.  I was also able to make cook meals for friends without having to worry about restricting carbs.

MMA left me very sore this week after two full speed grappling practices.  Next week we start a jiu-jitsu cycle so I should have the capacity to get in some lifts.


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2 responses to “Week in Review 2/25 – 3/03”

  1. bjjcaveman says :

    Out of curiosity.. what is speed grappling?

  2. RecompHacks says :

    I mean to say…full effort… as in, 100% effort wrestling with other men my size.

    My MMA practices are a little unpredictable. This week of 2/18 I was in cardio/strength wars both days sometimes grappling with people younger, taller, and heavier than me. We practiced clinch/pummel/takedown. Exhausting practices.

    Yesterday I practiced escape from side control at maybe 40% with people smaller and shorter than me, so the workout itself was very easy.

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