6 Ways to Prevent Paleo from Extinction

One of my favorite panels at PaleoFX 2014 this year was “Building Not Burning Bridges in the Paleo Movement.”

building bridges

Building Bridges: Michelle Norris, Jonathan Bailor, Dr. Deborah Gordon, Mark Sisson, Diana Rodgers, Robb Wolf

Topics discussed ranged from working together with the Weston A Price Foundation to working with corporations to bring Paleo to their employees.  Mark Sisson threw down some great comments about how he is working to bring new people into the Paleo fold.  Robb Wolf talked about his work that has helped improve the health of police officers and fire fighters in the City of Reno.
At the end of the panel, Michelle asked each member for some tips to help keep Paleo from extinction.  Here they are:
  1. Support Farmers and Farm to School initiatives.
  2. Bring newcomers into the fold by going after specific life issues like helping with weight loss or PCOS.   Offer a short term cure first to bring them to Paleo.
  3. Post more local and seasonal recipes.  Talk and blog about where you get your food and who your farmers are.  Focus on sustainability
  4. Support the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.
  5. Say only things about Paleo that people can’t disagree with.  Politicians do this!
  6. Support Paleo vendors who make Paleo friendly products
Here were some of my favorite tweets from the panel:


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